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Ambi Lock


Project Description

Ambi Lock is a Wi-Fi Lock system that works with your smart phone.
This was one of our fun internal projects at Blue Otter that we created for a Kickstarter campaign. As part of the project, we prototyped the hardware, and app.

Ambi Lock is a smart lock that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and unlocks when you swipe the app screen. It can also be unlocked with a touch interface on the lock itself. A great feature is the ability to share access with friends through the app.

I designed the logo, app, and mobile prototype for Ambi.

For the logo, intention was to give it a “Solid”, “Secured” feeling by using bold typography and visualize “smoothly connected” feeling since it is how you will swipe around your phone screen with your finger in order to unlock it. The first characters, A and M, look like an actual part of the product — a “Lock”. We made the logo in different colors, Gold, Green, and Red to align with current trends and create some contrast that gives excitement.

The UI was fun to make as well. We wanted to create something that gave a feeling of rock-solid security, was attractive, and of course very clear to use. The circular pattern that rotates when the central button is pressed was done in order to give that subtle feeling of security. I enjoyed that the design wast easy and simple but still had some fun movements. We used the prototype for our promotional video and for user testing.