Branding, Illustration, Portfolio, Responsive Design, UX/UI


Project Description

I worked with the team at Boxbee during my time at Blue Otter, and what a fun time we had creating something very special. Our team spent around a year and half developing the brand into a friendly, neighborhood service that helps busy city-dwellers get rid of clutter.

Boxbee is all about storage by the box. Simply use the website or app to schedule a pickup, and the Boxbee van comes by to get your things (packed into their yellow boxes) and then takes them to local storage in the city. This is great for things like winter clothes or camping gear. Whenever you need your stuff back, it's just a couple clicks and Boxbee returns same-day to drop it off.

The design needs were many, since Boxbee was all about building a trustable brand with great user experience. Everyday meant something new to do. I created responsive designs for mobile devices, illustrated icons and characters, made their brochure, postcards, and even designed Boxbee branded snowboards!