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Studio Me


Project Description

Studio Me is a boutique flower salon in the Bay Area. They are, in my opinion, masters of aesthetic, so creating a brand that does to their craft justice was a challenge I was eager to take on. This engagement involved a wide range of graphic needs:

Logo Design : The word for beauty in Korean is pronounced Mee, and it's written in such a way that made great use for their logo. A vertical bar next to a square can represent their floral creations while also being true to the founder's identity as a Korean. I used solid bold black lines to give it a modern, contemporary  feeling.

We give the symboled of a little planter with the square shape, and a flower steam coming out of the planter using the vertical bar. This abstract way depiction of a flower and vase conveys the sense of a floral arrangement without being limited by the message of literal shapes.

Branding : I designed many other assets for their boutique including signage, tags, gift bags, and a selection of photography and imagery to use online and in their event marketing. The brand targets modern, contemporary lifestyle for weddings and other events that seek unusual beauty.

Website : Their online presence needed to be simple enough to let the arrangements speak for themselves. I also wanted it to be enough contrast to feel bold and exciting. It's a responsive design built on bootstrap framework to make the development process a breeze.